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Topic: External sources should be able to add songs from the Browser to the SideList/AutoMix
brille1PRO InfinityMember since 2018
It would be great if external sources would be able to add songs from the Browser to the SideList or AutoMix list of songs.

The most simple implementation would receive a MIDI Program Change command and use the corresponding value to add the nth song from the directory currently being displayed in the Browser to the SideList or AutoMix.

To be able to address more than 127 songs, a MIDI Bank Change/Program Change sequence could be used, e.g.

Bank Change MSB = nth sub folder (or "0" => current folder)
Bank Change LSB = Song bank within folder (groups songs into 127 banks)
Program Change = Song number within song bank

Alternatively (or additionally), a TCP listener could be implemented, receiving above encoding at one endpoint or the song's name at another endpoint.

Posted Mon 17 Oct 22 @ 6:11 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
build a string var with midi to pseudo ASCII

Posted Mon 17 Oct 22 @ 8:09 pm
There is a possible hack if you want to try:
1. Define a MIDI CC as a slider. It HAS to be a slider in order to read it's range of values and not just binarry (on/off)
2. Map it to something like this:
browser_window 'songs' & browser_scroll 'top' & param_multiply 127 & browser_scroll & sidelist_add

It may need a little tweaking since I'm not in front of a controller at the moment to actually try it.

Posted Wed 19 Oct 22 @ 10:28 am
brille1PRO InfinityMember since 2018
Please pardon my late reply! For some reason I don't receive notifications for answers getting posted to my threads. So, I'm in the belief that no-one's replying.

I read the whole Virtual DJ manual, but I failed to find information on the script language you are referring to. Is there a separate documentation available on how to apply these scripts/assignments?

Your answer is very much appreciated.

Posted Tue 15 Nov 22 @ 2:33 pm

Posted Mon 21 Nov 22 @ 9:12 am