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Topic: Virtual DJ Pro Licence
How do i know if my VDJ Pro licence is actually active? When i start the program and check the licenses for my mixer it says it has expired but money is being billed every month and i received the email that my subscription is running?

Posted 2 days ago @ 7:50 pm
You don't have a Pro license. Pro licenses don't expire. What you have (or rather had) is a subscription.

The status of your account is shown under your user name. If your sub was active it would show three stars and say "Pro subscriber".

Posted 2 days ago @ 8:03 pm
Then why do i get a mail every month that says that my subscription renewal for Virtual Dj Pro was successful and why is funds withdrawn from my account if the subscription for VDJ PRO isn't active?

Posted 2 days ago @ 8:06 pm

Posted 2 days ago @ 8:11 pm
Is the email that you used for the sub the same as the one in your tommy_runesson account?

Posted 2 days ago @ 8:17 pm
Yes it is.

Posted 2 days ago @ 8:17 pm
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How to download virtual dj I currently have on the pro 2020 Infinity license

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