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Topic: Intel ARC.
the Intel ARC graphics cards are set to be widely available fairly soon and I haven't seen much more than a few mixed reviews.. but the big question, and most applicable to us:
STEMS capable or should we plan on sticking with tried and true nvdia graphics cards?

Posted Tue 20 Sep 22 @ 3:43 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
At the moment gpu accelerated stems processing is only available on nvidia.
Note that with a fast modern intel or amd stems processing is pretty fast too though

Posted Tue 20 Sep 22 @ 4:35 am
i'm the 'belt AND suspenders' type... dedicated graphics cards are worth spending the extra.

but also an nvdia fan-boy. have never had good experiences with AMD products anyway. will stick with what I know in that case

Posted Tue 20 Sep 22 @ 4:47 am