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Topic: VDJ takes 10-20 secs to start
romanHome userMember since 2022

VDJ takes 10-20 secs to start on one laptop.

No notice in windows eventlog, no notice in VDJ`s Log Report.
How to get more information?


Posted 6 days ago @ 11:23 am
DJMBR01PRO InfinityMember since 2015
If your database is colossal, as is mine, (I know, “That’s what she said”), it can take some time.

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” ― Aristotle

Posted 5 days ago @ 3:28 pm
Also a slow mechanical external drive that's in sleep state before you start the software can cause the same behavior.

Posted 5 days ago @ 4:22 pm
metrixPRO InfinityMember since 2007

Posted 5 days ago @ 5:49 pm
Oh, Ok.
I don't know German though.. :P

Posted 5 days ago @ 10:37 pm
I ran into this issue on my new Dell laptop and found out it was due to the internal sound card.

If my controller is plugged in it starts immediately. So could be related.

Posted 4 days ago @ 12:57 pm