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Topic: Breakbeats and VDJ intro/outro bpms unstable?
Let's get to it:

I mix breakbeats and have always used VDJ (use current version). The past few years I've noticed more and more breakbeat tracks having unstable intros/outros in VDJ. I run by ear and typically not too concerned with what the beat grid is showing me, but lately the grid isn't even close...the software analysis is 50/50 with breaks.

The real issue is, I'm constantly nudging and micro managing these tracks during transitions. It seems to me the bpms aren't properly sync and/or changing. Am I going mad? Or is VDJ auto changing bpms without telling me? When I play house, big room, trance there is no issues. Beats and bpm stay aligned. With breaks though, there seems to be some bpm or tempo issues going on in the software and how it analyzes the tracks bpm and tempo.

Is it possible to force tracks to hold a bpm without manually adjusting every track? I do use pitch correction. Could that be an issue?

Let me know if anyone is having issues with intro/outro bpms and if there is any possible solutions other than a sharp ear and lite touch.

I'll link 2 tracks. If someone can 32 beat loop both track intros without manually adjusting them, please let me know what im doing wrong. This is just a random example of tracks that refuse to be stable for me. One is from 2017 the other Aug 2022.

Si-Dog - Move Your Body

OnDaMike - Roundtrip Funk

Posted Thu 01 Sep 22 @ 10:41 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
At the least the versions I found of both tracks (from Tidal) had a constant tempo that was detected perfectly by vdj simply by loading them to the deck.
(both detected at 130.00 bpm exactly)
32-beat loops were perfect both at the beginning, middle and end of the tracks

Posted Thu 01 Sep 22 @ 12:07 pm
Breaks are changing nowdays, shifting BPMs, I spin breaks 26+ years. I know what ur talking about. I will explain more in detail later. PM me if u like.

Posted Thu 01 Sep 22 @ 3:12 pm
I have this issue. I play old skool breaks, jungle, early hardcore and that sort of thing.
Some of the modern productions are rock solid timing wise but the beatgrid just doesn't keep time/placement across the track.
A workaround I have found is to half the bpm in the editor until one section = 1 bar and then it's pretty solid, not perfect but much better than using the actual tempo.

Posted Wed 15 Mar 23 @ 9:52 pm