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Topic: Reloop Mixon 8 Pro
Rog-DJPRO InfinityMember since 2011
Any ideas whether this will be supported?

Posted Fri 19 Aug 22 @ 5:32 am
Its not out before October if I remember right.
And might be support coming from VDJ

But still early days, the controller has not come out yet

Posted Fri 19 Aug 22 @ 3:31 pm
This looks interesting and I like the 4 knobs for stems variation.

I also like the use of double click function buttons (does virtual DJ implement this for additional page selection?)
This device looks to compete with the new Rane 4 channel device rumours currently circulating. I wonder if this Reloop will be more expensive?



Posted Wed 26 Oct 22 @ 5:37 am
Mixon 8 yet?

Posted 2 days ago @ 11:15 pm