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Topic: DDJ SB3 Freezes x2 mid gig (3 hour set)
Hey guys, the venue i DJ at has an SB3 that i use.

After months of it stopping randomly through out the night (freezing for a good 3 seconds) multiple times, i assumed it was my old laptop which has served me well over the last 5+ years. I brought a new laptop this week only to have the same issue happen tonight (first week using it) so now i can only assume its ddj sb3 unit itself causing the issue.

does anyone have4 any insite into this?

Im thinking updating the firmware on the unit itself would be a good start.

It also has an "A" and "B" where the usb cable can connect on the unit tonight it was in the "A" section. I can try the "B" section next week but not sure if that is the issue

Is there a log file somewhere i can view on Virtual DJ to see where the problem Lies?



Posted 4 days ago @ 3:05 pm
Sorry could figure out how to edit original post. but the controller is a DDJ-SX3

Posted 3 days ago @ 2:09 am