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Topic: Korg Nanopad2 not mapping 16 pads only 8
I have a problem with my Korg Nanopad2, when trying to map in VDJ the mapping will only go up to 8 pads and not the whole 16 pads. The left 8 pads I can map and the right 8 pad are identical triggers in mapping. There should be 16 pads to trigger for different things right. If I change the scene it will do another 8 pads but not 16. I only really need 16 pads in total and not interested in switching between scenes. Has anyone else had this problem? Please help

Posted 4 days ago @ 10:29 am
I believe that's because it's configured to be deck aware
So that the 8 left pads are for the left deck and the 8 right pads are for the right deck

Looking at the default mapping for the unit you can make up for that. Like it has been done to handle 16 samples
So you simply split up the 8 pads scripts to 16 scripts by asking VDJ which "side" you are triggering from

device_side 'left' ? sampler_pad 1 : sampler_pad 5

As in:
If left side
Do this
Else do that

Posted 4 days ago @ 10:41 am
Thanks for the prompt reply. Sorry I might be a little daft with this.
Mapping to SC1_PAD1 with Script saying eg:
device_side 'left' deck 1 cue_stop

But when I press the 5th button along it also say SC1_PAD1 (which would be right deck). what would an example script say and for the 5th button.

Posted 3 days ago @ 7:05 am
You may be thinking about it a bit wrongly
The 16 pads are really 8 pads for each deck. So when that is ok then there should be no change to the script
But if you want it to be global and handle 16 functions, then you add the questionmark to ask vdj if the first part of the ststement is true, which in this case is "are you currently triggering on the left deck - hence the first 8 pads" if so then do something globally like trigger sample 1 for the first pad. But if it's not the left deck - so in fact the right deck as in the 8 pads to the right - then you do something else like trigger sample 9. You use colon in the script to indicate the "else" part. That way you can now setup the 2x8 pads to handle 16 actions like triggering 16 different samples

Posted 3 days ago @ 8:41 am
oh I get it. thanks. woh confusing haha

Posted 3 days ago @ 9:04 am