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Topic: Tidal plugin not working
So when I go to online music, tidal appears. I click on it to sign into my account with a subscription. This works, then I go back to virtual DJ and nothing has changed. E.g. it tells me I still need a subscription.

Any clues as to why it's not updating.

Thank you kindly in advance!

Posted 4 days ago @ 8:17 am
It's working fine on my setup

I just tested signing out and then signing back in.
That also works fine, and afterwards I can locate and load and play tracks:


Posted 4 days ago @ 8:24 am
TVD UKPRO InfinityMember since 2007
All good on mine last night too

Posted 4 days ago @ 11:00 am
FYI there was an API change on Tidal's service two days ago. It affected Tidal on Denon hardware (where streaming is built in) but access via Serato, Rekordbox and VDJ seemed to be OK when I checked.

Might be related...

Posted 4 days ago @ 11:26 am
It's just not registering my account, no matter how many times I sign in to tidal!

Posted 4 days ago @ 11:55 am
I just tried on my VDJ here (in the UK) and it's all working fine.

I'd suggest deleting your settings.xml and seeing if that helps. Obviously back it up first if you need to.

Posted 4 days ago @ 12:07 pm
HeltinoPRO InfinityMember since 2020
DJ Felly fel wrote :
It's just not registering my account, no matter how many times I sign in to tidal!

but you have a paid Tidal subsciption?
In Germany (where I´m located) it is not available, but I know in other countries is some kind of Tidal "free" available, what is not supported by VDJ

Posted 4 days ago @ 6:34 pm
Free Tidal is exclusive to the USA, and OP is in Australia. He/she also said in the first post that he/she has a subscription.

Posted 3 days ago @ 8:51 am