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Topic: In Search of Locodog (or a REALLY GOOD code writer)
Locodog is one of the most talented and ambitious scripters/coders I've ever met. His knowledge of Virtual DJ is unmatched. He and I worked very closely on a custom skin and some plugins for Virtual DJ. They need a little bit of tweaking, but he's been unresponsive for two months. Does anyone know anything about him or what's been going on in his life?

I'm worried that something terrible has happened and we've lost a genius, who is no longer around to help. If you're seeing this Locodog, pleeeasssseee return to the Virtual DJ world or message me via FB, Discord, PayPal... whatever you want! I wanna make sure you're alright, and I really need you!

But if anyone else is seeing this and has knowledge on skinning, scripting and coding Virtual DJ related stuff... Hit me up!

Posted 4 days ago @ 6:50 am
He answered you directly when you asked a month ago:
"I'm about, IRL got complicated. I'll check in to FB"
So maybe in the FB group, although he directly said that he is busy with RL

Another thing - and this is just my opinion:

In general the idea on FB and in this forum is that you ask questions and get help
So I wouldn't expect that you can get someone to work for you for longer periods of time
That is not really what support groups /forums are about
The idea is more that if you want that level of personalization or customization, then you learn how to do it yourself - of course with help from the guides and the question you ask

Posted 4 days ago @ 9:46 am

Posted 4 days ago @ 10:46 am