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Topic: stem fx go on vocals when i start up vdj (it just started today)
im not sure why it starting doing this today but it gets in the way of ducking echo . i cant seem to find a option to rest it . i dont want it enabled

Posted 4 days ago @ 6:20 am
the way i found out to get around it is manually turn it off when i 1st start vdj .

it seems to be a bug i even reboot my pc and it keeps happen . im running windows 11

Posted 4 days ago @ 6:22 am
found a way around this bug just add '& effect_stems vocal off' to any of the buttons u have on your controller

Posted 2 days ago @ 3:30 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
There's nothing that does this automatically, so you must have it activate on startup from somewhere else. (ONINIT script, custom skin, controller mapping?)

Posted 2 days ago @ 11:03 am
i checked and theres nothing like that going on ... maybe me maxxing out my usbs has something to do with it .lol my keyboard and mouse go out every now and again .. not sure all i know is it does not happen anymore as i mapped stem fx off

Posted 2 days ago @ 5:43 pm