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Topic: VDJ not load online track?
Dj CiMiXPRO SubscriberMember since 2020
My VDJ have strange issue, its appeared a while ago. Tracks load properly but about 5min, 10min and so on...not load anymore. Status bar in bottom tracklist is "Opening deck 1" and "Opening deck 2" but nothing load in waveform area and ofcourse its not play nothing. When i restart VDC, everything works correctly but only for a short time. Controller is Roland Dj-505 but this issue was Denon prime 4 too. Last time everything works in spring when i have ddj-1000.

Should i try refresh all settings or something ( and lose custommappings and so on )

Posted 5 days ago @ 1:12 pm
Online tracks from where?

Are you loading the tracks normally (load to deck 1, play for several minutes, load to deck 2, play for several minutes) or are you loading many tracks with only a few seconds inbetween?

Posted 5 days ago @ 1:53 pm
Dj CiMiXPRO SubscriberMember since 2020
Well, i just delete settings file and make all things again, seems work now ..so far...let see. Maybe custom settings mess when you change controller, dont know

Posted 5 days ago @ 5:06 pm
soulkutzPRO SubscriberMember since 2021
How do you delete the settings file? Where is that at? I need to try to do that I think

Posted 3 days ago @ 9:03 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
The file is named as settings.xml and is placed at /Documents/VirtualDJ folder.
No need to delete it though. You can just move/backup or simply rename it so that VDJ will start with default settings.

Posted 3 days ago @ 5:17 pm