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Topic: Favorite controllers for VirtualDJ
So VDJ is amazingly flexible and can work with lots of controllers.
I'm interested in which controllers either add magic to VDJ or work perfectly with it and allow it shine over and above the competition.

So please share
1) What controllers you have used and recommended
2) Why it shines for VDJ
3) what style of DJing you do
4) any specific scripts or extensions that you use and map to the controller and how you use them.


Posted 6 days ago @ 4:38 pm
Damn phone. Mods, please update the end of the title to "for Virtual DJ"

Posted 6 days ago @ 4:40 pm
That's not an easy question (or set of questions) to answer, because what does "add magic" mean?

They're controlling VDJ, so they can only do what VDJ is capable of doing. They can't add anything.

As for the "work perfectly" part, they all do - because they're all mapped individually by the Atomix staff.

Why are you asking? Are you planning on buying your first controller?


Posted 6 days ago @ 7:36 pm
I guess everyone is interested in different things and that flexibility is where Virtual DJ shines.

My use case is a bit special, but let me share it here:

I am a club DJ. I would simply buy a set of four CDJs 3000, a DJM mixer and a top Rekordbox subscription if I did not feel it was a bit of a rip-off. I would still miss the stem separation. So when I was looking for a controller (after I decided on Virtual DJ), it was crucial that the controller was also a standalone (no computer involved). My choice (revealed below) has benefits that are important for me, mainly that the effects/filters/faders/EQ sound the same regardless of if I am using a laptop or standalone device since I tend to do a bit more complex routines and it would confuse me. It also has some minor negatives such as the Rekordbox-like USB stick prepared by Virtual DJ does not support Active loops. The most important reason was achieving full (well, 95%) "DJM/CDJ 3000 standard club setup" experience for a fraction of the price (but having to use a laptop). Another decision point for my controller is the ability to use it as a standalone (without the laptop) with only a few limitations (i.e. no key shift) whilst keeping the "DJM/CDJ 2000 or 3000 standard club setup" muscle memory.

So I bought XDJ-XZ (plus a CDJ 850 as a third deck) + Virtual DJ. I can perform on events where I need to bring my decks using XDJ-XZ standalone (no Virtual DJ and no CDJ 850 in such case, but I take a sampler with me sometimes). I use the same Rekordbox-like USB stick on "DJM/CDJ 2000 or 3000 standard club setup" in clubs (I also bring a sampler sometimes). I can practice, together with CDJ 850 (I use CDJ 850 only as a controller, not usable in 2022 in the standalone mode) in my studio with a laptop with almost identical options compared to the full "DJM/CDJ 2000 or 3000 standard club setup" - I mapped it so it feels like 2x CDJ 3000 + 1x CDJ 2000/NXS + DJM + I add an HW sampler. I rarely use the laptop with Virtual DJ when I play publicly, as laptop DJing feels inappropriate in clubs.

For others, XDJ-XZ would be probably one of the worst controllers for Virtual DJ, as the mapping is limited (some buttons incl. shift are hard-coded), and you cannot use Virtual DJ filters and effects (ideally multiple of them at the same time) etc., so do not take it as my choice is the best overall controller - it is best for my use case and you should first understand your use case. Also note, I use only a fraction of Virtual DJ functionality due to my "standalone" requirements.

Posted 5 days ago @ 5:40 am
I love the high-end Reloop ones
So I use the older Reloop Terminal Mix 4 and Reloop Terminal Mix 8 a lot
I'm sure the current Reloop Mixon 4 is also great
And also the coming Mixon 8 Pro once it gets supported
I also often bring a cheap Relop Buddy as backup

Apart from that I use an old Denon MC3000 and sometimes a Denon MC7000 for gigs. The MC3000 has served me well, but the ASIO driver hasn't been updated in a long time, so it has an "end date" on

I also use a mid-tier Pioneer DDJ-SR at home, and it's fine - it does the job

Regarding ASIO vs WASAPI drivers, I use ASIO where I can, although WASAPI should work ok in Win10 and onwards. This is of course only relevant on Windows

All the controllers above are "strictly" controllers with no standalone or hardware mixer capabilities. That is also important for me, partly because it makes the whole thing simpler, and partly because having mixing done inside the software gives me a few valuable features, that won't work with external based mixing. Like post-fader FXs, direct recording, and so on

Posted 5 days ago @ 8:51 am
TVD UKPRO InfinityMember since 2007
if you like to see your vu meters responding to what is going on, don't use a ddj-1000 it is dreadful for that.

Posted 5 days ago @ 9:24 am
TVD UKPRO InfinityMember since 2007


Posted 5 days ago @ 9:24 am
MCX8000 is perfect for mobile users with VDJ.

Posted 5 days ago @ 9:28 am
Im still using a Vestax VCI-400 and I love it. Im staying on this controller until someone puts out a controller with 10" motorized platters. I hated DJing with 45s so 7" platters bring back that hatred. I made a mock-up for, what I called, the Numark NS-10 lol... trying my best to get it to the right eyes...lol.

Posted 5 days ago @ 2:33 pm

Posted 5 days ago @ 3:23 pm