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Topic: BPM jumps to 120 how to fix?
I hope i can word this correctly.

At the club i use DDJ SX3 and the latest VDJ on win 10
lets say a deck is playing and for example the bpm is 135.50
And the next song im going to mix in is 133.50
If i hit either hardware or software synch button of the second deck it will jump to whatever bpm playing deck is, but l i will use the slider and lets say get the second deck to 134.00.
now if i hit the synch button on playing deck it wont match deck 2 ( 134.00 ) it will always jump to 120.00
No matter what the mix in deck bpm is if i hit synch on the playing deck it jumps to 120 which most times is way too big a jump.
So i looked in the setting but i guess im missing it
how do i set it so if i hit synch on a playing deck it maches the other ( mix in ) decks bpm rather than jumping to 120.
Many thanks!

Posted Mon 01 Aug 22 @ 4:40 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
120.00 BPM is the default value of an empty deck. Are you sure it's only the 2 Decks that you are using ? Maybe some Live Input Decks ?
In a multi-deck system (controller such as the SX3 and/or skin) when u press SYNC on a Deck, it will sync to the Deck that is set as MASTER. The selection is automatic, based on the Deck that is currently playing out live.
Your DDJ-SX3 has the action masterdeck assigned as SHIFT+SYNC, so perhaps you tried to do something with this key combination (e.g. turn off SYNC), and then somehow the Master Deck selection was faulty disabled ?

So, next time this happens, check on the skin (if available) which Deck is MASTER.
You can also use custom buttons assigned as masterdeck to check and/or set a Deck manually as Master (or use SHIFT+SYNC on your SX3) or use a button assigned as masterdeck_auto to bring back the automatic selection.


Posted Mon 01 Aug 22 @ 6:24 pm
While i have been DJing over 40 years im still ignorant to some things and want to learn.

I didnt set up the sx3 or vdj at the club, and while its working i do not know if the settings for the inputs are correct or not,

i guess after what you are saying they might not be,
Can you direct me to what they should be set at, we use the first and 4th as mics.
Many thanks,

Posted 7 days ago @ 9:56 pm
Also i use your rusty skin as i love it.

Posted 7 days ago @ 9:58 pm
I keot rrreadingvwhat you posted i will check it friday and take a pic of the audio settings.

What i want to be able to do is like on my old hc4500 if i hit sync of playing deck it would match bpm of cued deck.
In other words my old hc4500 whichever deck sync you hit it would match the other deck.

Many thanks

Posted 4 days ago @ 8:54 pm