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Topic: record automation point (this is found in most daws)
with record automation it would record lets say a fx at a point the a track u like for how every many bars you want . so lets say i do this with the flitter .. now each time i launch that song how every i moved the flitter will be there .. or lets say i like to cue up 2 songs together at the same time . now it will have a automation point and even set the eq the way u had it for those 2 songs .
this would work best with decks 1 and 3 together as one and decks 2 and 4 as one .


Posted Thu 28 Jul 22 @ 1:59 am
so everytime i load the song how i moved that fx will be saved in the song

Posted 6 days ago @ 11:56 pm
hi i like your idea,
that would be a cool way to record mixes, rather than recording the audio, but actually record the midi information , cross fader and jog movements etc... which you would then be able to go in and tweak afterwards before recording the final audio.

Posted 6 days ago @ 9:44 am
Two things come to mind when reading this:

POI's can be used to (for example) turn on an effect at a certain point of a track. It's not as simple/quick as hitting a button (Serato Flip) but it can be done.

VDJ 8 was originally going to have a "timeline" feature - see this thread.

Posted 6 days ago @ 10:03 am