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Forum: Wishes and new features

Topic: Make Ask The DJ suitable for karaoke DJs
Ask the DJ is very clever but certain things about it are so badly thought out for DJs it is unbelievable! Particularly for Karaoke which is where requests are mostly used!

Please make the fields editable and allow additional fields for Singer, Song Title and Artist. I don't want a message or a letter, I want to get to the point and have information I need.

The field for Name has a placeholder saying that the name is 'optional'. REMOVE THIS AS A MATTER OF URGENCY. Karaoke DJs must have a name for the singer. It is NEVER optional to not have your name as a karaoke request. Even if you are only doing dance requests you should still want a name so you know you are not just doing requests for the same person all the time who has put in 100 requests. Make Name MANDATORY as standard and make it optional to be optional.

It would also be excellent if Ask The DJ was compatible with Zapier or any other utilities that allow DJs to forward requests to Ask The DJ straight from our website. I would rather users could log in to my website and have their name automatically attributed to their request by default .

Posted Tue 26 Jul 22 @ 12:59 am
That sounds a bloody good idea mate.

Posted Wed 16 Nov 22 @ 6:10 pm