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Topic: VirtualDJ 32bit vs 64bit - little survey
djcelPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
We are curious to know the main reasons why some users still use the 32bit version.
/!\ Please let users with 32bit version answer in priority. One answer per user so please take your time before submitting your post. Moderation may be used to keep the survey clean.

For example, some answers:
I still use the 32bit version because...
1) I don't have Windows 64bit. I don't plan to migrate to 64 bit. Why?
2) I don't have all the plugins of 32bit version. If so audio/video/transitions and please list at least one very important for you, the one which would help you to migrate to 64bit
3) I think 32bit version of VirtualDJ is more stable. Why do you think so? Give examples
4) Others. Please describe.

Posted Fri 22 Jul 22 @ 11:07 am
I've been using the 64bit version on Windows 10/11 for some time now as a video DJ and there have been no issues. I use a MCX8000 controller and it's the perfect setup...... 100% reliable

I know loads of people using VDJ 7 (cracked versions) but they'll never move on as it would cost them money. They generally use older laptops and some don't even have a controller.

One thing that constantly comes up on the forum is TellyVisuals/TellyMedia. Perhaps Atomix could create a new up to date and fully supported replacement but charge as a subscription plugin?

Posted Fri 22 Jul 22 @ 11:12 am
Tellyvisuals/Tellymedia is the reason I stay with 32bit

Posted Fri 22 Jul 22 @ 5:18 pm
gabycorreaPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2010
I used w11 64 bits until it made a blue screen
I went back to w10 64 bits. I use VDJ 32 bits because I don't use stems. They are irrelevant for me. The version is very solid.
I also use tellymedia and it is a very very important tool for me. the development of tellymedia for 64 bits was stopped and there are some functions that do not work in vdj 64 bits.
I also trust the stability in the 32-bit version because in many many years it never gave me problems at my parties, I work professionally at a high level and I never had problems with the 32-bit version.
(I always try the early versions at home I have a PC especially for it). I would still ask that you not neglect the 32-bit version or attend to the basics, but please do not leave it aside.
Another thing that I don't use is the sandbox, it seems totally unnecessary to me.
in the case of tellymedia it gives me the freedom to load separately up to 72 images and project them when I need it and have time in the master output automatically or load them in the carrousell function and load a folder with more than 800 files so that they can be play automatically throughout the night without having to distract me from the music that is what matters to me or I can play photos of various kinds without problems.
I think you developers have seen or studied the tellymedia architecture and you know what I'm talking about.
If you developed something similar or the same, I would migrate to the 64-bit version. In my opinion, shaders were never a good option.
instead telly gives me the freedom to load what works for me photos, videos, videos with audio that I could even transmit from telly itself and I configure everything from a central panel...
let's say it's like the old clipbank of virtual 7 but very much improved. and I say again I had problems with the 64-bit version in w11 but I think it's because the version is not yet consolidated so as long as it is not a version of w 11 stable and correct I will not use it again with this I say that maybe I will return to it in a year or more.... before NO.
I am very meticulous... and the pandemic hit us hard and as a dj I lost 2 full years it is time to resume the activity and without any kind of mistakes since the market is very competitive and each job has to be done as perfect as possible.
I hope you take this comment into account and think of all those who use w 10 64 bits but still use VDJ 32 bits
best regards

this image is from my home test pc

Posted Fri 22 Jul 22 @ 9:12 pm
GhuiTHome userMember since 2022
x32 it is lightweight and consumes less memory

and skin work 60fps on old DirectX videocard

Posted Sat 23 Jul 22 @ 7:49 am
I use 32 bit because:

Tellyvisuals and Tellymedia

and the most important is ShowLogo8 (there is nothing better than ShowLogo8)

many say use the SamplePlayer but that's absolutely nothing compared to ShowLogo8
Benz Werner wrote :
I would switch to 64bit immediately if there was someone who would migrate Tellyvisuals / Tellymedia and SchowLogo8 to 64bit

Posted Sat 23 Jul 22 @ 8:28 am
djcelPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
Thank you. First comments are already interesting. I prefer to wait for more comments and soon I am going to ask you additional questions/explanations based on your answers.

Posted Sat 23 Jul 22 @ 9:09 am
STABILITY... simple as that. No crashes ZERO.. NONE.

Posted Sat 23 Jul 22 @ 3:16 pm
djcelPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
It is a survey with open answers and not closed answers so the goal is to keep focused on subject with statistical objective, in order to define solutions. The moderation is nothing personal or that you wrote something bad. It is just to keep it clear. Your main ideas were always kept except it was not clear, needed more details or not linked to the subject. It is easier to sum up ideas at the end.

Posted Sun 24 Jul 22 @ 11:53 am
The club (yes i'm still there after 22 years) uses a dedicated desktop and it's a Windows 7 dinosaur built in 2010... so no STEMs possible
I have tried and tried to get them to upgrade and update but being the typical club owners/management types, unless it completely dies they aren't spending money (ain't broke - don't fix. what does the dj know? pfft) aside from an updated video card that's all I've been able to squeeze out of them in all these years using it. the last computer they bought was for the sports bar they have next door and we won't be discussing THAT nightmare here.
so... i'm stuck with 32bit at the club while putting both 32bit and 64bit through their paces at home to make sure i'm completely up-to-date on them as much as I can be.

as for plugins that we use that are 32bit only?
we still use and prefer Countdown by SBDJ (WHY that wasn't given a budget for development within the company I can only guess at) and it's perfect for us. and while parts of Scheduler are useful, the staging countdown real-time clock = precisely what we need and use every NYE since he released it. not that we haven't used it for other things as well.
TellyVisuals and TellyMedia - all night long every single night. VDJ text plug-in has a looooong way to go even to come close to what it does and even the Sampler can't compete with what Tellymedia does even with the free version (which of course is what we use at the club because same management/owner I$$ue$)
yes -there have been setbacks with the 64bit beta of TV and TM but that's another post (why don't we have messaging here anymore - had some background for DJCel if interested but not for public attribution)

LoopOut - for some reason just is working better at the club on 32bit version.. dunno why

as for the other 32bit plug-ins - yes it's VERY nice having that many options available vs the ones that still haven't been ported over and having to only have the 64bit ones for the 64bit software. and yes I remember all the drama that we had over it back then but gave up on that because i just got tired of
feeling like we weren't' being listened to

aside from all of that - we don't (well... yeah we can't) use STEMs at the club and we don't beatmix country but when we get to the non-country sets...well... let say the crowd is... 'unsophisticated' ? no loss there really.

stability-wise... we have not had a single VirtualDJ-related crash there in so long I can't remember. might have been back with v8.3? most issues we have are with dinosaur computer itself.
yes I have thought about accidentally spilling a drink in it but where it is in the booth would make that too obvious

almost 10am and i'm rambling. need sleep. but essentially that's what's what here.
i do love the 64bit version, i like the promise of STEMs for a lot of things.. but 32bit just plain does the job with no-nonsense workhorse reliability

Posted Mon 25 Jul 22 @ 2:43 pm
freppaPRO InfinityMember since 2002
I can only agree with previous answers.

Stabiity and works great with my older backup computer,.
TellyVisual and TellyMedia is the biggest deal for me, and it doesn´t work properly on 64.

Plugins have not been converted from 32 to 64 that I like to use.

Posted Tue 26 Jul 22 @ 4:29 am
I go back to 32-bit because of TM and TV. I have tried using the 64-bit Sampler mimicking the TM and TV functions but very cumbersome. Having separate and independent control windows for video and slideshows than the Samplers will be a lot better. Having a global Sampler control and individual controls for each bank in small windows are very confusing and distracting from playing music.

I have a MC7000 mixer so I always have 2 laptops connected - one with 32-bit W7 and the other 64-bit W10. And more use the 32-bit for heavy visual media display purpose.

Posted Wed 27 Jul 22 @ 3:59 pm
Same reasons others have mentioned... 32-bit VDJ has been rock-solid reliable at more than 600 events for me and it's not worth the risk to switch things up and possibly have problems during a show. Stems are cool, but not necessary for the events that I DJ at. And yes, there are a few plugins that don't have 64-bit versions... the one I use most is SBDJ Squares, and it's become essential for me at a venue whose video wall is rather antiquated and lacks any type of upscaling.

Posted Mon 01 Aug 22 @ 1:08 am