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Topic: The DDJ-800 is the worst vdj compatible controller
It just sucks with vdj. Looping is horrible, sound effects from the controller are meh. The autogain on this unit working with vdj is horrid. I want to try it with rekordbox and see the difference.

Posted 4 days ago @ 1:04 am
That's strange, I've seen a few FB posts on how great the integration is with the DDJ-800, and it would be on my short list of great controllers to use with VDJ

A couple of things:
1. The effects are going to be the VDJ effects - you can change them around and add new ones, and remap which ones to use with the controller, but the DDJ--800 doesn't have hardware effects
2. The looping should be just like clicking the loop section on the screen (or the pads when loop is selected as pad page). If it is indeed the same, and you don't feel like it acting like you want it to, you could look into some of the auto/quantize settings in case it's not set up how you like. There is also the reverse vs forward loop setting to look at
3. There is no autogain on the controller. It's all VDJ (and the controller just send midi messages when you turn the gain knob). If you want to learn more on how autoGain works in VDJ the video below may inspire you:

Posted 4 days ago @ 9:39 am