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Topic: DJJ-1000 display
Are there ways to see different data using VDJ with my DDJ-1000? I have a DDJ-1000 with a Serato logo on it. Um, nah. I've been using VDJ for over 13 years and love it. But is this Serato branded DDJ limiting me in any way - using VDJ? I see some displays on some DDJ-1000s and they look different, waveforms, or show the start location AFTER a song/sample is playing. Are there ways to change what is displayed on the screen on the platter itself?

Posted 6 days ago @ 12:49 pm
I'm really showing my noob skillz. Tried to edit, quoted TWICE. Ugh, more coffee. Sorry, I don't see a way to delete posts.

Posted 6 days ago @ 1:01 pm
That's actually a DDJ-1000SRT, not a DDJ-1000.
Anyway, the jog screens are not skinnable, and you are able to show on them only the info that's supported by the device firmware.

That being said, DDJ-1000 screens support much more info and provide much more options than DDJ-1000SRT.
DDJ-1000SRT supports pretty much only very basic information.

So, maybe you are confusing DDJ-1000 with DDJ-1000SRT screens on the screenshots/photos you see around?

Take a quick look on VirtualDj device manual for both DDJ-1000 and DDJ-1000SRT and you should be able to spot the differences on their jog displays right away.

Posted 6 days ago @ 4:09 pm
The -srt has less information on the jogs BUT is also a hardware mixer, not the fake software midi crap that 90% of todays mixers are. I would take a hardware mixer over software/midi any day of the week. I have a ddj-sz and ddj-rz and are hands down the best sounding vs my 3 lesser ddj mixers using software.

Posted 14 hours ago