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Topic: Sending the current artist / song title to a website URL
Hi all. I'm DJing on a terrestrial radio station and I need to feed the program that updates the RDS system so the correct artist/title is displayed in cars and for people who are listening online or through the mobile app.

This needs to be done by visiting a certain website URL with the artist & title in GET variables.

Until now I've had my assistant update it manually for every song, but she's leaving and I won't be able to do it alone, so I'm hoping VDJ might be able to do it automatically.

Any idea how to accomplish this?

Posted Thu 12 May 22 @ 8:17 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
HTTP requests? I've made apps that do that from vdj.
What's your RDS format?

my most recent client needed like this for his RDS
^Fantastic Plastic Machine|0|SONG|Please, Stop!|4:40~

but this for his web app
Please, Stop!|Fantastic Plastic Machine|280|m

Posted Thu 12 May 22 @ 8:23 am
Not sure what the format is specifically because we have a website that handles it for us. During normal rotation (playing songs from our automation system) the computer sends off RDS automatically, but we have an internal page on our LAN where we put in the artist, the title and then it updates RDS for us. It's the only interface they've given us to do it manually.

I suspect there's more to it than just RDS because it also updates the "now playing" on the website and the app.

Posted Thu 12 May 22 @ 1:39 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
windows or mac? we might need to move to pm for deeper testing

Posted Thu 12 May 22 @ 5:48 pm
Thanks for your help. I'm on a M1 Max Mac. But just to clarify, VDJ doesn't have this functionality built in? Is there a way to at least output the current song info to a text file so I can put together a script to pass it off to curl or something?

Posted Fri 13 May 22 @ 4:36 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
ph check tracklist in history

Posted Fri 13 May 22 @ 12:08 pm
For anyone who discovers this thread in the future, on a Mac you can use the terminal command:

tail -n 0 -f ~/Documents/VirtualDJ/History/tracklist.txt

...and it will continuously stream the currently playing song to the console. I whipped together a quick app to capture that and send it where it needs to go. I found other threads from people asking if it could be written to a text file, well there you go, that's how to capture it, then it's trivial to put the data wherever you want.


Posted Thu 19 May 22 @ 7:01 pm

Posted Tue 31 May 22 @ 8:17 pm