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Topic: Wish for get_browsed_folder_path
Wish for script verb:


which would return the full path of the browsed Virtual Folder, folder path, within the Virtual Folder Directory.

For example:

get_browsed_folder_path would return:

C:\Users\WIN10USER\Documents\VirtualDJ\Folders\LocalMusic\2021.subfolders\April.subfolders\House.subfolders\Tech House.subfolders\Vocal.subfolders

This would be similar to the way that get_browsed_filepath returns the full path in the OS (of the current browsed track)

currently there is get_vdj_folder which returns the home folder of VirtualDJ
in the above example that would return:


If the Virtual Folder "2021" is selected, one can currently get it's path:


by using scripting which includes, get_browsed_folder, which returns the name of the folder selected in browser.
Ie: returning "2021"

BUT in the first case above.. get_browsed_folder would return just, "Vocal"

and seems to be NO way to get the intermediate sub-folders in the Virtual Folder Tree, for the full path.

hence the need for get_browsed_folder_path
(that would return the full path of the browsed Virtual Folder, folder path)

Posted Thu 21 Apr 22 @ 11:25 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
I discussed this very thing and suggested the exact same new verb name a few days ago, In an raised thread, so +1

Posted Fri 22 Apr 22 @ 3:09 am
must have missed that thread locodog, somehow

and great that you feel, it would an awesome (and needed) addition to VDJ script verbs.

Thank you Locodog for putting in that wish !

Posted Fri 22 Apr 22 @ 5:22 pm
must have missed that thread locodog, somehow.

It was raised above Pro level so we won't see it.


Posted Fri 22 Apr 22 @ 5:52 pm
That makes me feel better, smiles..

And good to know.. great things are happening behind the scenes ! !

Posted Fri 22 Apr 22 @ 7:12 pm