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Topic: Lost connection when using time-coded vinyl
I have Virtual DJ 2020 with an American Audio VMS2 controller. I also have a Reloop 7000 MK2 along with a newly acquired Virtual DJ time-coded vinyl. I am quitte new using time-code and not too experienced with the configuration. My time-coded is not recognized with Smart Relative but works well in Relative mode. Not too many cracks. I play with the latency at times to eliminate the cracks. I also need to adjust the pitcher on the controller at +4.8% to maintain the right bpm on my timecode.

This is my main issue. About every 20 minutes, the system disconnects the time-coded vinyl. I need to go in the time-coded config in the audio settings and validite the settings to regain control.

Can anyone help me resolve this issue?

Posted 4 days ago @ 5:31 pm