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Forum: Wishes and new features

Topic: Native features similar to TellyVisuals and TellyMedia within Virtual DJ
I would love to see the feature set we had with TellyMedia and TellyVisuals including social media and messaging (Twitter, Pushbullet etc.) integration with layout editing similar in TV and the sample bank which allowed stills aswell as video and some more playback options, webcam integration and manipulation, carousel slideshow including video file playback with quick select folders, mappable alpha per source, to name a few features, were exceptional and together offered a huge amount of flexibility and it was a perfect solution as an audio only visualisation source. Now that the plugin is no longer being developed and there is not a stable 64bit version, it would be great to see these features as part of the standard build of Virtual DJ. I know a lot can be achieved by using the likes of OBS but it falls quite short of what was previously available and it would be far better to be able to have everything available from one stable and harmonised piece of software. A lot of questions all over the community forums were answered with 'just use TellyMedia/TellyVisuals' but sadly this solution has as good as gone. I used this from the early days of it being a Pangolin plugin right through Don's development

Posted Fri 07 Jan 22 @ 1:33 pm
There's always a risk using 3rd party plugins.

Posted Fri 07 Jan 22 @ 1:56 pm