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Topic: built in DMX control without relying on third party software
I have no doubt that the team behind Virtual DJ are wizards. Always head and shoulders above the "competitors". Would love to be able to control my lights within VDJ without having to run through a third party software.

Posted Wed 05 Jan 22 @ 2:47 pm
Many DMX solutions require hardware too, for example a dongle or a cable with a chip in it for authentication.

I'm happy with the way VDJ integrates through OS2L to my Chauvet 512, but the box itself cost £220 and that's how the DMX software companies make their money. With Soundswitch you need a cable/interface and have to pay monthly subscription.

Creating DMX software and all the mappings for each individual fixture is an expensive game, and I personally think it's better as a seperate entity from the DJ software.


Posted Wed 05 Jan 22 @ 2:55 pm