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Topic: Maintaining key setting on automix
I've figured out how to hold the same pitched down speed on an automix but the key change always resets from song to song. I turned off automatic key match. I know every song has their own key but I'm looking for a way to just set it to say say -1 or -2 throughout an entire mix.

Posted Fri 03 Dec 21 @ 12:12 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
if you use dualdeck automix you can set the pitch fx on each deck.

Posted Fri 03 Dec 21 @ 12:49 am
Still looking for a fix to this. Toggling the different pitch settings in options & tweaks doesn't maintain the key at least when using the default skin and the layout seems to make no difference. It seems like this should be a simple fix on the developer end.

Posted 6 days ago @ 4:36 am
Locodog I don't see any way to quote you but if you could explain exactly how to do that I'd like to try that out. I'm not looking to mix just play an album at the same speed/pitch all the way through.

Posted 5 days ago @ 12:34 am