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Topic: Denon 1850 and SC6000's with Virtual DJ
Hi All, I am trying to use the 1850 and SC6000’s with Virtual DJ, and I can’t get any sound to come out of my speaker, and I can’t figure out why. I followed the instructions on the Virtual DJ hardware page, exactly as stated, and below is how I have everything configured.

Hooked 1850 and both SC6000’s to my laptop via USB

Put both of the SC6000’s in computer mode, and open Virtual DJ on my laptop and get a message “Hardware Detected” Denon DJX1850 and Denon DJ SC6000 x 2, select where speakers are connected, and I chose X1850.

On 1850, I plugged into USB2, and then I switched the input selector to USB position, and USB switch above selector dials to USB2.

For audio settings in Virtual DJ (under outputs I chose Separate decks, and under hardware Denon 1850)

Under sound output on my Mac I chose X1850 Prime. However, I get a message that says the selected device has no output controls, which I don’t understand, because it does have output controls doesn’t it?

On 1850 I go from Master Out to input on my speaker. There are green lights blinking on the individual channels on the 1850 (so sound must be going through the 1850), however, no sound is coming out of my speaker, and I can’t understand why?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Scott

Posted Wed 24 Nov 21 @ 2:53 am