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Topic: vdj 2022
tangoHome userMember since 2005
as a now retired Dj , who used tractor Dj at my gigs ,i was quite taken aback when i d/loaded the 2021 vdj free version to just have a look and mess about with it , its quite good and considering free well amazing ,i put it on my laptop (which i carry around with me) its great for just keeping up with things using on the train to compile a mix (save getting board) and also getting covers for my northern soul collection, getting back to northern should ,well no Dj program can be used for that music as all venues for northern soul DJs have to own the record and play only vinyl at gigs (that's a unwritten law) but yes vdj has come a long way since i last saw it .

Posted Sun 21 Nov 21 @ 8:40 pm