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Topic: midi to a pad?
i just bought a launch pad from novation and am trying to set up short cuts to each button. this is great for getting rid of the use of a mouse. the last thing i need to learn is how to set up the pads direct. i want to go to View 1 in Bcaster gfx with a direct pad button on the launch pad without having to click on bcaster gfx. i want the controller pads to stay on hotcues. i know how to set pad 1 to the launch pad, but i have to select bcaster gfx then hit the launch pad which is an extra step. i would like to know if there is a direct way to use the lanuch pad button to activate view1, view 2, and so on. so for i am loving VDJ and want to use it to its full capabilities'.

Thank you,

Dj Jimmy Ray

Posted Fri 05 Nov 21 @ 3:22 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
What you need is a vdj custom map for your launch pad

modify the pad specific key entry to activate View 1 directly using the same script as in BCaster GFX pad
i.e. for View 1:
set '@$broadcasterGFX' 0

of course exact script may depend on LaunchPad specific original script and what you want to do depending on padmodes

Posted Fri 05 Nov 21 @ 5:10 pm