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Topic: TIDAL curated playlist
I know that TIDAL has curated playlist like beatsource does (they show in DJay pro), is there any chance of this getting added to VDJ? They make it easy to pull up top 20 (or whatever) list for genre's that beatsource is very lacking in (mostly on the new rock\metal side of things)

Posted Wed 13 Oct 21 @ 9:21 am
Yes its there from Tidal and available in VJD

1) Log into Tidal app or from browser and
2) Choose Explore on left menu ..
3) Click the heart on any Curated list or Album
4) they appear almost instantaneously in VDJ

and there seems to be no limit to the number, that you can have synced in VDJ

See this short video

I selected to demo for you, Country, since that is genre NOT avail on BeatPort Link

Posted Wed 13 Oct 21 @ 10:01 am
No, I mean automatically showing in VDJ like beatport does without having to go into TIDAL page or app to do so

Posted Fri 15 Oct 21 @ 1:59 am
Beatport only shows/displays the default top 100s lists and Top Tracks .. for the curated lists one has to add/fav, in BeatPort Link, as is done in Tidal. (and seems to me there is some limitation on the number of selected playlists that BPL will show in VDJ, unlike in Tidal)

And since Tidal does seems not to have top 100 lists, how would they or one know which of the thousands of curated playlists and in what genre you wished to have displayed in VDJ. Again all the Beatport Link Curated Playlists are NOT shown in VDJ without you adding them.

Maybe would be good to have as default in VDJ, the Tidal, newest editions list in VDJ without it being needed to be added. (in each of the genres that Tidal catalogs) And if for example, if one was interested in Country ..maybe one would not want Latin and Jazz or Comedy.

And if one is interested in all(everything), think you can fav every playlist, Album, Video and track of every genre (have not tried all with Tidal, but know you can have many more then in Beatport link. )

Posted Fri 15 Oct 21 @ 8:28 am
If you look in the DJay program, TIDAL has top 20 list and top list in each genre listed there along with some default curated playlist, so yes, TIDAL has them just like beatport

Posted Fri 22 Oct 21 @ 3:04 am
Here is a picture I just took showing what I'm talking about

Posted Fri 22 Oct 21 @ 3:09 am

The curated list are under each genre selection

Posted Fri 22 Oct 21 @ 3:16 am

Posted Fri 22 Oct 21 @ 6:23 pm
EngineDJ show the same.

Posted Fri 12 Nov 21 @ 2:53 pm