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Topic: Latency settings VDJ8 and Pioneer DDJ 800
Hi there I am using a Pioneer DDJ 800 with VDJ8. Since I am using tht combination I got to know some bad issues. While playing sometime the sound turns metal and sounds that awful I had to stop playing, shut the controller down, restart it and it worked well again. Pretty shitty when it happens live at a club.

I let it have checked and was told the controller is fine. I should try out differnet latency settings....is there anyone who can share his or her pioneer ddj 800 wisdom?

The controller was originally bought with a different dj program. could'n t find a VDJ controller version. What do I need to change in settings to fully use it with VDJ? What about the latency? anything else?



Posted Tue 12 Oct 21 @ 7:22 pm

Posted Tue 12 Oct 21 @ 7:25 pm