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Topic: Install error
please help i have a hp laptop windows 64bit
i recently had to redo my comp now vdj 20 or 2 will install keep getting this error message
"verify you have access to the library" WTH im the administrator i need this for gigs coming up and i see no solution need help ASAP PLEASE

Posted 5 days ago @ 4:56 pm

Posted 5 days ago @ 7:20 pm
Na i have avg but installed it after i tried to install vdj

Posted 5 days ago @ 7:24 pm
i mention that because something is preventing the installer from writing to the library folders

did you change the default install location?

try and run installer as admin by right clicking and selecting that option

Posted 5 days ago @ 7:27 pm
U cant right click and get that option
And i install it normal i dont think i changed the location
idk how else to install it

Posted 5 days ago @ 8:34 pm

Posted 4 days ago @ 12:58 am
nope still wont work smh im at a total lost

Posted 4 days ago @ 6:19 am