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Topic: Some Problems with 8.4/2020 Skins in 8.3/2018
I’m having some issues with buttons not drawing correctly on the 2020/8.4 skins when I run them in 2018/8.3. When I say not drawing correctly, I mean that I see black boxes instead of buttons on the 8.4 default skins in 8.3. Even on the Pro layout, I see black boxes on not only the buttons, but also the jog wheels as well. On Essentials layout, the album art on the turntables is also square instead of round, but the cover still spins and the tonearm still moves towards the center of the record as the song plays.

Posted Fri 24 Sep 21 @ 9:11 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
8.3, 8.4, 2018, 2019, 2020 with skins more recent but skin engine ....
sure mac version won't work on my win10 ^^

skins for VDJ 8.5 won't work either

But everything must work with VDJ 8.5 2021 b6646 aka current
why using old version obsolete for years of the same software when recent one is available
(and most of the time most powerful / flexible)
any reason ?

Posted Fri 24 Sep 21 @ 9:48 pm
I have 2018 and 8.5 installed on my laptop. Builds 4720 and 6042 respectively. The 8.4 skins do run in 8.3.

Posted Fri 24 Sep 21 @ 9:55 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Yes most of the skins may, unless they use recent additions and features
they all are V8... but missing features can have side effects, like black boxes
(specially when new color handling and other recent additions in skin engine are used)

but both b4720 and b4720 can simply advantageously update to 6646 (even the 32bit version exist)
which is V8.5, and backward compatible with previous V8, fixing all the issues

Posted Fri 24 Sep 21 @ 10:06 pm
The portions in the PNG file display correctly, but the reason the buttons are not rendered correctly is that they are rendered using SVG.

Posted Fri 24 Sep 21 @ 10:12 pm
My build of 4720 is 32 bit, 6042 is 64 bit.

Posted Fri 24 Sep 21 @ 10:13 pm
And the video preview displays on the 2020 pro skin work perfectly on 2018. I just get the black boxes like you said. The buttons even work, you just can’t see the icons.

Posted Fri 24 Sep 21 @ 10:25 pm