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Forum: Wishes and new features

Topic: Section Markers
It already exists, in away, one of the wave types has fine markings that become more vibrant when the beats are in, but I'd really like this to be made more of a feature, in a way if 2 cues could be the start and end of a section that could identify beats but maybe able to show if it's just kick drum or light percussion, or if it has the bass included. I wish the waveform frequency colours could do this, but due to the nature of the beats it's never gonna be possible. I've been trying to work my own colour assigning, butting able to mark out sections, or creating a loop section and then being able to convert it into a visual reference.
All the elements are in vdj already and alot of features can be used to make what I want , but as I use all these features already for important things, one thing I have learnt is to dedicate input and output. I was assigning loads of features to each button on my controller, not just using shift but double-click and shift and double-click, so that was 4, and then I was able to multiply that with various other methods. I thought this was a good idea and spent ages getting all my wants on one controller. But in practice it bacame confusing and then I found methods which required access to several features all at the same time, so I ended up buying more controllers and dedicating functions to separate pieces of hardware.
Now I need for visual references to help co-ordinate all the options, I enjoy thinki9ng of new things to do more than actual doing now, but I know that studio mixing is possible live and vdj makes a whole new way of performing, it's not even doing now, it's more like playing an instrument.

Posted Sun 13 Jun 21 @ 6:28 pm