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Topic: New dual pad pages
I love the new implementation of pad pages, and as I use pads quite a bit I have expanded on alot of them some well quite a few page sets, and as I need the display info, is there a generic way to flip from page to page, like hatches and sampler has, I have reversed engineered hatches 16, and sampler 32, but I keep forgetting things, and sometimes it works well but other times and this is where I forget as it was a while back, but if there was some slider or dial like scrolling g through a menu on any pad page. I have invested in so many pad controllers, oh yeah before I forget I would really like to be able to see moe info on the screen pads, so I can fully name cues, and add more info, it would help big time, also maybe being able to make the pad section bigger on screen so I can see the info clearly and add more.

Posted Thu 10 Jun 21 @ 5:15 pm