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Topic: Hello. I have a webserver. How do I make it to stream audio via a normal webpage?

I have VDJ PRO and I run a Swedish radiostation with a 150 watts transmitter and my antenna range is about 25 kilometers from this citys city hall.
NOW - I would like to run a streaming for those that are out of my antenna range.

I have available:
*LAPTOP - GT70 Dominator running VDJ PRO.
*Mobile broadand connection to the internet.
*Datacenter Webserver - in Finland that I can setup any way i want or wishes to.
*The Datacenter Webserver controlling software is WHM and CPanel metal 100.
[Means Web Host Management software and prepay for 100 CPanel .com website accounts]
[Server has 24 processors, 12 cores, 2 X 2 TB SSDNVMD Datacenter Editions mirrored drives,
128 GB DDR4-E RAM's.
*The webserver bandwidth is 1 GBit/second output to InterNet. Can be upgraded.

How do I make a normal webpage to stream my radio audio continuessly?

RADIO MESSAGE: -If you want to stream it [hear the radio broadcast] - go to this www.address.com

Beside the webserver and it's specifications, I also have access to 7 IP numbers leading to or from it.
4 of those are free and can be used in any setup.


1. How do I connect a audiostream from VDJ to the webserver?
2. Almost same question again: How do I pick up the audio stream and restream it?
3. Can 50 users/listeners share on a single 3 Mbit stream from the radiostation webserver - OR -
Do I have to stream the AUDIO 50 times - bandwidth 3 Mbit X 50 users = 150 Mbit per second output.

===============Or can they instead read the same stream?

Nearby Example: Like - all watch the same sound from ONE STREAM,
not 50 streams, since THEY would all be 50 streams - that are exactly alike?

What I am trying to understand is:
How DO I CATCH the VDJ 'looped' stream - on a server - and resend it?

In what configuration do I serve the most users - audio streamers - and keep the SERVER bandwidth DOWN.
When making VDJ able to use icecast or other - it must have been tested.
So tell me how to run a successful test on my datacenter webserver!
Please, with sugar and honey on top!

//Gustav Norstrom.
I get that VDJ sends the stream with IP address and all,
but how do I pick up the stream ,again, and resend it on my own webserver.?

Posted Thu 10 Jun 21 @ 10:48 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Install Icecast or Shoutcast server onto the webserver, then connect to the server through virtualdj.

Each user uses up their own connection, so if your stream is say 160kbps, then you divide the bandwidth of the server by 160 to get the total number of users that can connect to your server.

Posted Thu 10 Jun 21 @ 10:54 am
As streaming knowledge - I have streamed on YouTube for like a cool 20 hours.
So - which software should I use - limitations, differencies, amount of users, integration with website..
Et cetera .

Okey, so each user has to have a stream, they can't read the same Y-splitter then.
Perhaps if you make one more server before the streaming server - that handles a lot of users getting the same stream. [Technical, but might work]

** Okey, there's 2 software streaming brands to choose from!
Which and why - would you prefer?
The software companies website product specification pages always promise a smooth operation ...
But it isn't always the case.
So how do I setup a YouTube-like website/webpage on my server ** WITH ** VDJ and the casting software ?

Posted Thu 10 Jun 21 @ 10:58 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Since you said your server has a 1000 MB/sec (I assume you meant megabit/mbps, not megabyte) connection to the internet, at 160kbps per user you'd be able to stream to 6250 users. With mp3 you could go down to 128kbps and still have decent quality, and with ogg probably 96kbps is fine as well.

Posted Thu 10 Jun 21 @ 11:06 am
6250 users!

That's something!

And HOW do I set it up to integrate with a normal htm or php-page?

Posted Thu 10 Jun 21 @ 11:12 am
I am reading the Icecast manual.

Posted Thu 10 Jun 21 @ 1:08 pm