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Topic: switch to virtual DJ
hello how/can i switch from Serato DJ pro to virtual DJ to use my numark NSDii controller on my laptop

Posted Wed 09 Jun 21 @ 4:47 pm

Posted Wed 09 Jun 21 @ 5:03 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Import your serato cue points, vdj can handle that. [bear in mind with vdj you can have as many cue points as you wish, not just 8]
serato crates, vdj can handle that too, it should just find them.
sample banks might take a bit of work on your part but serato's 8 per bank to vdjs 64 per bank, you'd pr.probably want to put the effort in.

If you use the keyboard shortcuts, vdj has a secondary default keyboard mapping that replicates serato's

Anything else just ask, the forum never sleeps.

Posted Wed 09 Jun 21 @ 5:19 pm