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Topic: Beatsource Not working. Can't log in.
I have an account with Beatsource and it keeps saying Login Failed but I click on Log in and It says i'm logged in. Please help


Posted Tue 08 Jun 21 @ 3:31 am
Try explicitly log out (right-click the Beatsource folder), then log back in

Posted Tue 08 Jun 21 @ 11:01 am
its still not working. I keep getting the same login failed. It said the plug-in failed. And it re-downloaded it.

Posted Tue 08 Jun 21 @ 2:42 pm
There have been some major internet problems - it was in the news today. Maybe the problem was with Beatport. Did you try accessing the site directly (not via VDJ)?

Posted Tue 08 Jun 21 @ 4:36 pm
Yes, I did. I can access it in the browser. I have been trying for the last 3 days via Virtual DJ. Here is my computer specs. I really want the service. But I can't get it to work. SUCKS>

Posted Tue 08 Jun 21 @ 5:19 pm
I can get Beatsource on DJAPP on MAC>

Posted Tue 08 Jun 21 @ 5:27 pm
try delete the cache....

in /documents/virtualdj/cache/beatsource

Posted Tue 08 Jun 21 @ 6:28 pm
still not working .. This sucks... Still saying Log in Fail.

Posted Thu 10 Jun 21 @ 2:08 am