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Topic: automixDualDeck settings yield different crossfades
dustycatControlleristMember since 2016
When automixDualDeck = off, some crossfades are much more abrupt.

Is this by design, a bug, or am I missing something else?

Using Windows 64 8.5 b6444 but I've had this experience for many versions.

Posted Sat 05 Jun 21 @ 2:20 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
What I see is some tracks do not show same mix points in automix dual deck or single deck
wave form for next track also differ depending on mode
by the way switching from mode change level of current playing track (and toggling automix )

The difference seems to be the use of crossfader in dual deck mode not using POI Mix 'Fade' Exit
while mix is done by using POI and automixFade setting in single deck mode

so that yes sometimes automix differ but is more abrupt in dual decks for me
may differ depending on crossfader curve and automix Fade setting

Posted Sat 05 Jun 21 @ 2:57 pm
dustycatControlleristMember since 2016
Thanks, Nicotux... you've given me more to look & play with.
Especially interesting that you have the opposite experience - more abrupt with DualDeck.

Posted Wed 09 Jun 21 @ 6:38 pm