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Topic: Little more use of the cloud
HeltinoPRO InfinityMember since 2020
I would love to have the basic settings stored in my account of VDJ.
Basic settings = settings within VDJ, scripts, GUI
That are a few MB no massive data but would give me the added value to have all my used settings available as soon as I login with my account. (I´m using three machines...one DJ laptop, ohne backup laptop, one desktop....and have to sync the settings file/scripts manuall between them)

I don´t expect the database backup there as this would be a massive storage issue for Atomix.
But the settings should be no deal....

Posted Fri 04 Jun 21 @ 9:53 pm
perhaps in future..

But for now, these things are stored in "my documents" folder, and can be synced between computers using the built-in iCloud (macOS) or OneDrive (Windows).

Both mac & Windows having built-in feature for syncing the documents folder.

(that being said, cloud sync is a bit of a spaghetti mess no matter what if you ask me, so I prefer the "old school" way of just copying to usb stick, and bring it :) )


Posted Fri 04 Jun 21 @ 9:56 pm