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Topic: Set_gain to 110% of masterdeck
How do I write a script for this?

Posted 5 days ago @ 8:10 pm
More information about what are trying to do please

Posted 5 days ago @ 8:27 pm
Ok, so I did some thinking and multiplying with 1.1 does not make sense. Instead I would like a button to adjust the gain of a deck like this: (Value of Deck B's gain) = (value of masterdeck's gain) + 1

Posted 5 days ago @ 8:39 pm
LIMOLPRO InfinityMember since 2003
match_gain 50%

or go to autogain option and select remember

Posted 5 days ago @ 9:03 pm
Thanks for the tip. Solved it like this: match_gain & gain_relative +1

Edit: gain_relative was not optimal to use. Still trying to figure out how to add +1

Posted 5 days ago @ 9:19 pm
Glad you got it sorted

Posted 5 days ago @ 9:27 pm