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Topic: sync button on Numark mix track pro FX
Hi guys
can anyone help by letting me know how to turn off the sync button on your controller as mine is constantly on 🤷🏾‍♂️ when I connect to my laptop
Thanks in advance

Posted 7 days ago @ 2:08 pm
Constantly or only when the songs are in sync?
I guess the latter.

You can change the mapper, search "sync" at bottom of the mapper window in settings, and change LED_SYNC to : sync
(instead of is_sync)

Posted 7 days ago @ 2:30 pm
thanks, but the sync button is constantly on, but when i press the cue button the sync button comes off - how do i ensure the sync button comes on and off when i press it ?

Posted 7 days ago @ 2:56 pm
Try this..
In the mapper change the LED_SYNC entry action to just : sync

Although pressing cue button turning it off sounds strange.
That switches master deck etc... but doesnt look like the led has any master deck mapping

Posted 7 days ago @ 2:58 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Before helping you out with the led mapping, you need to know that SYNC action is not an on/off mode but a temporary action.
So there is no turn on/off Sync. Everytime you press the SYNC button, it matches the BPM of the other deck and when Track is playing , will also match its phase with the other Deck.

As for the led...
By default it's mapped as is_sync which means that it will be turned on if the Deck is stopped but has the same BPM as the other Deck and when Deck is playing will be turned on if both BPM and pahse match the ones of the other Deck.

If you want to have the Sync led turned on , only while the button is pressed (to make sure you pressed), you ll need to map the ..
SYNC button as .. sync & set 'syncOn' 1 while_pressed
and the LED_SYNC as .. var 'syncOn'

Posted 6 days ago @ 11:17 pm