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Topic: Clear Deezer tracks
I haven't used Deezer for 6 months but still find Deezer played songs in search. Can all Deezer songs be removed as probably won't subscribe again..

Posted Sun 02 May 21 @ 4:17 pm
What do you mean by search?

Is it when you look for a song or is it your history files?

Posted Sun 02 May 21 @ 4:34 pm
When I type in search box still keep finding Deezer songs from last year

Posted Sun 02 May 21 @ 4:40 pm
Click the button to the right of the search bar and untick "search online catalogs"

Posted 7 days ago @ 4:46 pm
Can also right-click the Deezer folder, and "sign out" if you intend to use it no more

Posted 7 days ago @ 4:48 pm
Search online catalogs was unticked it's just showing previously played from Deezer.
And signed out Deezer now

Posted 7 days ago @ 4:53 pm
Create a filter folder with the action:
file type contains "deezer"
(or file path = "deezer")

Then click CTRL+A to select all the result, and right-click selection choose batch => remove from search db

(Although logging out might have been plenty... )

Posted 7 days ago @ 7:30 pm
All the Deezers removed. Typed DZ in search and went down and deleted, found a few soundclouds as well haven't used that for long time and wasn't logged in

Posted 7 days ago @ 9:12 pm