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Topic: IDJ guest access
I have IDJ Pool the one included and Content Unlimited Audio
I would like to be able to give a client access to a web page to select songs and put them into folders for me to use at their event. This way they aren't giving me a text list and I don't have to go get them and hope they are the right versions. I could change the password to the account after the event so they are not able to use the service. Then provide the temporary password for the next client.

My question is this: Where could they access the list for idjpool that is not within my VDJ interface to do this?

Posted Sun 14 Mar 21 @ 7:35 pm
Probably they would have to download VirtualDJ then... Dont think iDJPool as a web page where you can search all their songs

They can use VirtualDJ and iDJPool without license and get 30 seconds extract of songs.
They would at least be able to see whats available that way

Posted Sun 14 Mar 21 @ 8:34 pm