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Topic: DN-HC4500 2020

Posted Sun 03 May 20 @ 1:52 am
where are the level faders and teh gain knobs for this skin i cannot find.
i only see the tempo fader


Posted Sat 09 May 20 @ 10:16 pm
The skin is an emulation of a Denon HC-4500 (as the name implies). The HC-4500 does not have level faders or gain knobs, so the skin doesn't either.

Posted Sun 10 May 20 @ 6:35 am
Hello Ruben,

Love the skin. You have an option for My Logo under the Jog Wheel. How do you add a logo to the jog wheel?



Posted Fri 22 May 20 @ 4:00 pm
Hi there! ok to place your own logo
you need edit the PNG file
should use paint PRO or Photoshop to edit the png file
then remplace (my logo) to your preferences one.

DN-HC4500 PRO-2020 PNG

if you need help PM me & send me your logo I'll do it for you.

Posted Sun 24 May 20 @ 11:03 am

Posted Tue 23 Jun 20 @ 10:00 am
Hello, my english is not that good, but maybe someone can help me.
I work with the Pro Infinty and so far had the HC4500 Forever skin.
I like the new skin very much, but I miss the unload button in the video layout.
I would also think it would be better if the browser window were larger, both for audio and video skin


Posted Tue 27 Oct 20 @ 3:35 am
la actualizacion de este programa

Posted Thu 17 Jun 21 @ 10:18 pm