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Topic: cannot connect to server
katlegoHome userMember since 2020
Hi I purchased a license about a week and a half ago and to date I have not been able to connect to the server to use my Pro subscription.

Posted Mon 13 Apr 20 @ 2:04 pm
K-RyderHome userMember since 2013
Does anyone have that tool that isn't on the google drive because I clicked on it and cannot gain access to it. And I'm trying to the resolve the same issue that keeps reoccurring even though I deleted everything, clean all the registries, and other software that can cause an issue. Yet still I have an issue connecting to the server. I have the 2021 version running on my new laptop, but the 2020 on my old laptop isn't working.

Posted Tue 23 Nov 21 @ 9:09 am
The problem is with your hosts file, not the registry.

You can fix it manually by editing your hosts file to remove the VDJ reference.

Posted Tue 23 Nov 21 @ 6:15 pm

Posted Wed 24 Nov 21 @ 3:16 pm