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Topic: Export tags with a rating to a new computer
Hi, I have a problem transferring the rating tags to the new computer, I tried to copy music from the Virtual Dj item and all I could transfer was the unrated colors. I copied the playlist from the virtual DJ bass but nothing helped. I will be grateful for help in this topic.
I'm using Virtual dj 2020

Posted Tue 14 Jan 20 @ 1:29 pm
PhilWPRO InfinityMember since 2011
Did you follow the instructions here? It explains what to copy over.

Posted Tue 14 Jan 20 @ 3:08 pm
hrdnxPRO InfinityMember since 2011
Goto Settings>Options, search for and enable GetCuesFrom Tags

Posted Wed 15 Jan 20 @ 1:36 pm
Thanks for the help, but now a new problem has arisen. Windows 10 Professional 64 BIT has made an update and I can't turn on Virtual dj since. I did the installation of the old version of Virtual dj 8.2 and everything is OK, after updating the Virual dj to the new version the program stops working. I remind you that I'm using Denon DN-HC4500

Posted Mon 20 Jan 20 @ 10:37 am
djtompicControlleristMember since 2016
I'm also having issues transferring music tag ratings from win 10 pc to mac OS. It's not an issue with VirtualDJ because I verified GetRatingFromTag option is enabled on both devices. I've tried multiple ways of copying music over and nothing works to transfer rating tag info. This was never an issue until the latter part of 2021, so something has changed either with win10 or OS. Does anyone have any clues here?

Posted 7 days ago @ 10:19 pm
djtompicControlleristMember since 2016
I found a solution to this problem. For unknown reason, latest versions of VirtualDJ has an issue with showing all metadata after import. Most tags will be shown after import, suggesting it loaded tags correctly. No so. To get ratings and possibly other blank tags to show, right click on folder, run batch and reload tags.

Posted 7 days ago @ 12:50 am