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Topic: VDJ remote
Hi, recently started using VDJ8 after many years of PCDJ use. Found it to bet so much better and easier to use with so many more features. I have also loaded the remote to my Samsung S9 phone but seem to have many problems getting it to recognize VDJ and it always seems to be 'waiting to connect'. I have changed port settings, as per message on phone screen, and maybe it will work for a few minutes before disconnecting. It will then give, yet, another port number and usually the remote will 'freeze' until closed and re-opened. I am hoping to be able to use the remote to it's full potential as I am a very interactive DJ and do a lot of 'crowd' integration involving me being away from my controller/laptop at times hence the feature of a remote control enhances the potential to seamless continuity.
I am sure it is something very basic that I am missing or overlooking. Also, would i maybe be better using a tablet instead of the phone? The phone is more compact to be usable 'on the fly'
Thanks in advance.

Posted Fri 21 Jun 19 @ 8:19 pm
I've not used VDJ remote in a very very long time but I seem to remember something about it having to be on the same network i.e phone and laptop both using the same wireless SSID I used to have a dedicated router which allowed me to connect everything to my tablet remote DMX etc . I could be wrong but worth a try

Posted Tue 25 Jun 19 @ 11:17 am