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Topic: Color FX
The Colorfx are really cool in VDJ, but I think a lot of people don't know they are there
Would it be possible to get a skin pretty much similar to the default skin, but with a few color FX buttons, that change the functionality of the filter knob
Unfortunately things tend to look pretty horrible when I try to draw buttons....

Posted Thu 15 Nov 18 @ 1:19 pm
that would be awesome and really makes a lot of sense to have that on a skin.

Posted Fri 16 Nov 18 @ 12:53 am
wickedmix wrote :
that would be awesome and really makes a lot of sense to have that on a skin.

You don't happen to be a graphical genius do you?

Posted Fri 16 Nov 18 @ 5:41 am
sorry i am not :-(

Posted Fri 16 Nov 18 @ 10:03 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
There is no need of any extra graphics and there is not much free space in the 4 decks skin either. The "FILTER" text needs to be a <button> and have..
- action="effect_active 'colorfx'"
- rightclick="effect_select 'colorfx'"
- <text action="get_effect_name 'colorfx'" color="#808080"
- <textselected action="get_effect_name 'colorfx'" color="white"
so the same text shows the selected ColorFX , click text to activate (white color) and right-click to select.

The fader needs to have action="effect_colorslider 'colorfx'"

You can see the above XML code in Blocks skin

Posted Fri 16 Nov 18 @ 12:54 pm
Hello everybody.
I have already posted this in the General Forum.
It's about the Color FX in the new Early Accesess Update.
The following, I have months ago, the Color FX intgriert in my skin.
This also works great up to version 4720.
The following script is created in the skin.
This will toggle between Filter or ColorFX, similar to leg block Skin by DJ Dad.
You can see the filter label in the text (as a button) and reset it with a click.
And if Color FX is on, then you can see the effect label there and activate the ColorFX.
And the GUI opens when the ColorFX is active.
You can also choose up to version 4720 each effect as Color FX, including VST effects.
And if you switch to filter, then also below the button is the text (filter), as long as you do not move the slider.
Here I give my script as an example:
<group name="knobb" x="+0" y="+323">
<panel class="knobb" visibility="var '@$mixercolor' 0">
<slider action="filter" dblclick="filter 50%" rightclick="temporary" />
<slider action="filter" dblclick="filter 50%" rightclick="temporary" frommiddle="true"/>
<textzone><text action="filter_label"/></textzone>
<panel class="knobb" visibility="var '@$mixercolor' 1">
<slider action="effect_colorslider 'colorfx'" dblclick="effect_colorslider 'colorfx' 50%" tooltip="COLOR FX"/>
<slider action="effect_colorslider 'colorfx'" dblclick="effect_colorslider 'colorfx' 50%" tooltip="COLOR FX" frommiddle="true"/>
<textzone action="effect_active 'colorfx' & effect_colorslider 'colorfx' 50% & effect_show_gui 'colorfx'" rightclick="effect_select 'colorfx'"><tooltip>LC: Color FX Active/RC: Select Color FX</tooltip>
<text action="get effect_name 'colorfx'" scroll="yes"/>

Now the problem with the update 4742.
Just to explain it again.
In the new update 4742 the Color FX is integrated in the Viertual DJ.
Only if one selects there an effect, this remains also in the text under the button, even if one uses the filter and no Color FX.
Unfortunately, this is also the case with my skin.
Unfortunately, you can only select a specific number and type of effects, in version 4720 I could use all the effects as color FX, including VSTs.
Furthermore there are no effects in the dropdown menu in the list, if you have sorted its effects in folders.
This means Virtual DJ finds only the Color Effect if they are in the main folder.

I have now reset to version 4720.
Since the Color FX worked well there in my skin.
And unfortunately not anymore with the new update.
I hope the mistake is now explained more understandable.
And one can see by my script of my skin a good example how it worked in the version 4720 with me, without error.
GretinGreetings Dani
PS: If someone wants to have my skin as an example please report to me.
The button to switch I have specially created in the skin, similar to the block skin of DJ DAD.

Posted Sat 19 Jan 19 @ 8:53 am
Yes, i think it was a bug that you could add effects that aren't color effects. By that I mean that they have to work on just 1 knob and turn on/off at 12 o'clock - and usually work in a layered mode
So now you can only use a specific list of effects where this has been added

Posted Sun 20 Jan 19 @ 6:07 am
Anyone know how to permanently adjust the volumes for the Color FX? They seem to overpower the music in the channel. TIA.

Posted Sun 02 Aug 20 @ 10:37 pm

I have a Hercules 500 which has a "Assistant button" which I have mapped to load tracks into automix. Simple question please:- Whats the script to give this button a colour led.

64 Old bloke trying to set this up for his daughters Covid safe wedding.!
Thank you

Posted Wed 02 Jun 21 @ 1:18 pm
therock007 wrote :

I have a Hercules 500 which has a "Assistant button" which I have mapped to load tracks into automix. Simple question please:- Whats the script to give this button a colour led.

Look in the mapper for LED_ASSISTANT
then use the action field for some logic. Perhaps just automix (to have led on when automix is running).
Or any other logic you prefer... ;-)

Posted Wed 02 Jun 21 @ 1:35 pm
Hi Thanks BUT

"Some Logic" means nothing to me.

I just want the assistant button to stay ON CONSTANTLY...and any colour will be fine
So in LED ASSISTANT in the mapping,,,Simply what should I type in the action so that it glows constantly.?


Posted Wed 02 Jun 21 @ 2:02 pm