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Topic: Offline Cache almost expired
I have a folder in VDJ8 that says cache almost expired. There are almost 10,000 tracks in there. I have refreshed the DRMs thousands of times but this list doesn't seem to ever shrink, only grow. Every time I open VDJ8 a message pops up informing me that I have all of these content unlimited tracks about to expire. I have searched the forum and have found similar issues as far as songs not playing offline, but even when I'm online the tracks are saying expired. If I can't use them, is there a way to just delete this list? I don't want to think I have a track that I don't really have. Or, is there another way to refresh expired cache tracks that I am unaware of? Thanks for any help!

Posted Wed 24 Oct 18 @ 6:34 pm
My offline cache of songs is no longer working. And refreshing the DRM doesn’t seem to do anything. I have virtual DJ 2018. Can anyone help at all please.? Thanks.

Posted Fri 26 Jul 19 @ 10:04 pm
Same problem?

Posted Sat 27 Jun 20 @ 4:55 pm
HutsyPRO InfinityMember since 2014
Yeah same here - refreshing DRM doesn't work.

Virtual DJ 2020 and prior versions would update automatically (you'd see them being downloaded / refreshed where appropriate whenever you opened it up) but 2021 not only doesn't seem to do that, but if you try to refresh manually, I think the list does get bigger as mentioned.

Hopefully a patch soon?

Posted Sat 27 Jun 20 @ 10:13 pm
DRM auto refresh is still working in 2021. Just yesterday I was setting up a new machine so all my cached tracks had to be refreshed.
It did it automatically without issue.

So it could be the track is not longer available from the provider (iDJPool, Beatport etc), in which case there is nothing you can do about that.
Have you renamed the files or anything outside of VDJ?

Other wise going to need some more information to troubleshoot. But it's not a 2021 issue.

Posted Sat 27 Jun 20 @ 10:18 pm
Same issue. It’s aggravating when o think I’m going to hear a song that just won’t play.

Posted Sat 12 Jun 21 @ 7:03 pm
I have same problem VirtualDJ - Online content cache expired. Please offer help.

Posted Wed 23 Nov 22 @ 9:29 pm
Same problem! Can we get a response on this issue so we can move forward please.
Thank you. Very tough situation. More and more looking at switching to Serato full-time because seems a bit more reliable.

Posted Fri 25 Nov 22 @ 11:25 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Go to the Online Music->Offline Cache folder, there you can see which songs are about to expire.
If they still exist, you can refresh them while online there, or if they don't exist anymore you can remove them.

Posted Sat 26 Nov 22 @ 4:57 am