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Topic: FXBanks - Page: 2
What about 64bit version?))

Posted Fri 02 Oct 20 @ 12:22 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
no need for 64 bit version, [no need for the 32 bit version either] this is now covered by vdj script

effect_bank_save "NAME"
effect_bank_load "NAME"

Posted Fri 02 Oct 20 @ 3:58 pm
how do I do this? can you show me an example?

Posted Sat 03 Oct 20 @ 5:54 pm
I learned how to do it...thank you!

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<pad1 name="BANK 1" color="color &apos;red&apos;">effect_bank_load 1</pad1>
<pad2 name="BANK 2" color="color &apos;green&apos;">effect_bank_load 2</pad2>
<pad3 name="BANK 3" color="color &apos;blue&apos;">effect_bank_load 3</pad3>
<pad4 name="BANK 4" color="color &apos;yellow&apos;">effect_bank_load 4</pad4>
<shift_pad1 name="SAVE" color="color &apos;red&apos;">effect_bank_save 1</shift_pad1>
<shift_pad2 name="SAVE" color="color &apos;green&apos;">effect_bank_save 2</shift_pad2>
<shift_pad3 name="SAVE" color="color &apos;blue&apos;">effect_bank_save 3</shift_pad3>
<shift_pad4 name="SAVE" color="color &apos;yellow&apos;">effect_bank_save 4</shift_pad4>

Posted Sat 03 Oct 20 @ 7:31 pm

write "effect_bank_load 1" see the screenshot, on pad # 2 write " effect_bank_load 2, etc."

Posted Mon 16 Aug 21 @ 6:43 pm

write as in the screenshot "effect_bank_load 1", etc. select 3 effects that you want to add to the tank No. 1, press the "shift" key and click on pad No. 1, so you will program three effects in the first slot.

впишите, как на скриншоте "effect_bank_load 1" и т. Д. Выберите 3 эффекта, которые вы хотите добавить в слот (пэд) № 1, нажмите и удерживайте клавишу "shift" и нажмите на пэд № 1, чтобы запрограммировать три эффекта в первый слот.

Posted Mon 16 Aug 21 @ 6:54 pm